Explore A Few Things to Know About Lycra Fabric

The trusted Lycra Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata include the widest varieties of these fabrics in different prints and patterns and in different colors.

Spandex or Lycra is a forgiving and stretchy fiber. It is a synthetic fiber used throughout the world by several reputed clothing manufacturers and designers. Lycra includes fibers like cotton, silk, and many other synthetic fibers. This fabric was introduced in the year 1958 to be used as an alternative to rubber, which was then used in corsets. This fabric is stronger and more durable, which makes it one of the most preferred choices of the clothing manufacturers. The fabric is resistant to lotions, detergents, and sweat. It has the ability to get stretched several times and can return back to its original shape and size even after the stretching. The best quality Lycra fabric is offered by the Lycra Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata in the best prices.

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Get to Know About the Mesmerizing Designer Laces

An exclusive range of designer laces are offered at best prices by the top Designer Lace Importers in Kolkata. Accessorize your garments with these.

Designer laces sold by the best Designer Lace Importers in Kolkata are favorite for most of the Indian women. If a bride is looking for the perfect laces for accessorizing her wedding garment then this is the best place to get the desired stuff. Such kinds of laces are sure to make the garment look more elegant and gorgeous. The unique range of designer laces are available for beautifying your lovable attire at affordable prices. It is assured that one can find the best designer laces online now as well. The online range too is sure to satisfy every personal taste. These laces provide an excellent customization to any type of fabric as per the wish of the buyer. One can customize her lehengas or sarees with the intricately designed laces. If buying online, one can place the order and choose any of the payment modes as per the convenience and the product will be delivered right at the doorstep. Every craft lover can find the best quality sewing supplies and accessories at the most trusted store of Fabric Importers in Kolkata. One will surely find everything she needs to finish her delicate fancy flourishes.

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