A Tribute to the Murshidabad and Its Silk Heritage

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Silk Fabric is much desired among fabrics. Murshidabad Silk is much in demand among Silk Fabric Retailers in Kolkata. Here’s a tribute to Murshidababd Silk.

Silk is a fabric of passion. Among all the different types of fabric available, silk has a special demand and place. One of the prime reasons is that in spite of being a gorgeous fabric with a sheen, it is extremely light-weight, making it easier to wear. This is one reason why there is always a high demand for silk. Any Silk Fabric Retailers in Kolkata would vouch for the fact. The best bit about silk is that it is highly adaptable. Any kind of embroidery can be made on it and the material can be used to make any kind of dress including sarees. These days there are digital print fabric manufacturers who are using the fabric for digital prints as well.

Bengal is known for its silk contribution to the world. And the place that first comes to mind whenever we speak of silk is of course Murshidabad. The reputation of Murshidabad silk is restricted not just to India but all over the world. It has earned the name of ‘Silk Mecca’ of East India. Here’s a tribute to the place that has gifted us some of the finest silks.

The Origin of Murshidabad:- During the rule of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, the Diwan of Bengal shifted the capital of Bengal from Dhaka to Murshidabad. This was in the year 1704. Murshidabad acquired its name due to a rechristening process in the year 1716. This brought the place to the limelight. The place remained under the Nawabs till 1790.

Silk of Murshidabad:- Silk of Murshidabad is famous for its fine quality and light-weight. The speciality of the silk variant of Murshidabad is that in spite of being soft in texture, it is very durable, making it fit for not just sarees but also as dress materials. It was in Murshidabad that the famous Baluchar or Baluchari silk art flourished before a flood in the river Bhagirathi created havoc, forcing Baluchari weavers to shift base from Murshidabad to Bishnupur. Baluchari was a specialised art form where themes based on mythological stories and the lives of the Nawabs were intricately woven in the sarees. A very famous type of silk that is found in Murshidabad are the Garad silk sarees. These have white and off-white body with plain, simple coloured border and Pallu.

The rich heritage of silk of Murshidabad was so enticing that the British set up two factories in the region to boost up silk production during the English reign. The English found this a better alternative to the Italian silk that they were using till then. This was not only of superior quality but was much cheaper compared to the Italian counterpart. From there on began the journey of popularity of Murshidabad silk across the globe.

However, in spite of the growing demand for the silk, the weavers continue to make marginal profit which is making them turn away from the art. There has however been an equally honest attempt by government and various NGOs to retain the glory of Murshidabad silk. The place also has Center of Sericulture Research and Training Institute to encourage the flourishing of this variety of silk.

In the meanwhile, Murshidabad continues to thrive in its glory of rich cultural tradition and silk.

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