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Common Fabrics at Your Disposal in Wholesale Outlets

Speaking of fabrics, it is essential to have an idea of the type of fabrics that you can avail in the market:

Denim: Denims are usually known for its heavy weight and the lack of too much of stretch in the material.

Double gauze: Double gauze has an incorporation of two fabrics knit together. The material is absolutely breathable in nature and skin friendly at the same time. The best part of this fabric is that it is quite easy to sew the two pieces of fabric together.

Cotton: This fabric has a texture that is quite similar to that of cotton. The only difference that you get to see is that is a bit crisper than the texture of cotton.

Silk: Silk is primarily known for the shimmering texture that it has. The fact that silk is a bit slippery inature, makes it difficult for artisans to work with it. On the other hand, silk does have a great comfort level when you wear it.

Linen: Firefly, a Kolkata fabric wholesaler has brought to front some of the best quality linen material that you can find in the market. It has very less elasticity and is a great conductor of heat when you step outdoors.

Fabrics complement the look of an individual in an amazing way. An appropriate combination of colours and the latest style trend is a definite way to make heads turn!

Quintessential Features That Help You Make an Appropriate Choice

The texture and feel of the material – A good and appropriate quality of fabric is something that will always give you an amazing feel when you touch it. In fact the best quality cotton fabrics lack any form of coarseness at all thus making it quite a smooth one.

Sustenance through time – Apart from the look and feel of the fabric the longevity of the material is definitely something that needs to be taken into consideration. Fabrics of superior quality generally manage to maintain their texture even after years of being used.

Firefly, being the fabric supplier Kolkata was in need of, ensures that the clothing and draperies disposed from their wholesale outlets, passes successfully through the test of time.

Natural fibres serve you the best– Fibres that have a natural texture them give you the desired stand up look that you to have been desiring for. At Firefly, you get to select from
varieties galore under the same roof. This lets you bring about an expansion not just in your choices, but in your collection as well. The highest level of natural fibre content is what is generally desired.

Creativity combined with trend is something that can help you stand a class apart in the crowd. Choose wisely and get hold of the best for your closet!

Fabrics that Reflect Personality                     

A brand that made Women feels confident of wearing fashion in their sleeves for three things:

• How do we look at the era?

We take it from the best designing souls. Not all are born to compassion the patterns of colour, only a few who we handpick could prove valuable to the trendlines. Since the fashion parade among women has tailored the battle of business in fabrics, we too feel profit needs to be vested in the technical arms.

• We give you… Breathable Fabrics to Prepossessing Wears

Truly so, for we know what will make you look elegant yet stylish and what will make you stand bizarre at a social gathering. For the trust gained through our market presence have intimidated all the offline and online stores with exclusive collections – of kurtis, suits, designer sarees, lehengas, and even the hottest palazzos, tunics & skirts. Thus, ethnic at heart and fusion in wear is symbolic to the product identities.

• Standalone Style:

It is our “fabrics & laces” which has been our signature style or what we prefer to call it “the Standalone style”. Operating primarily in Kolkata, the one­stop solution connects its buyers across India. We always believe in the exchange of acetate, acrylic, bark cloth, cotton, jute­ namely the Fabrics from the city of joy to other states. More to the cord, laces, borders, latkans alongside Anarkalis could also be availed.