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A Tribute to the Murshidabad and Its Silk Heritage

Silk Fabric is much desired among fabrics. Murshidabad Silk is much in demand among Silk Fabric Retailers in Kolkata. Here’s a tribute to Murshidababd Silk.

Silk is a fabric of passion. Among all the different types of fabric available, silk has a special demand and place. One of the prime reasons is that in spite of being a gorgeous fabric with a sheen, it is extremely light-weight, making it easier to wear. This is one reason why there is always a high demand for silk. Any Silk Fabric Retailers in Kolkata would vouch for the fact. The best bit about silk is that it is highly adaptable. Any kind of embroidery can be made on it and the material can be used to make any kind of dress including sarees. These days there are digital print fabric manufacturers who are using the fabric for digital prints as well. Continue reading A Tribute to the Murshidabad and Its Silk Heritage