Difference Between Digital Printing and Traditional Printing

Digital printed

Different types of fabrics available at the stores of the digital print fabric retailers, are digitally printed now instead of printing the fabrics by those old traditional methods.

Printing fabrics have been around since hundreds of years when blocks and cylinders were used as the first printing presses. The images to be printed, were duplicated on the clay blocks in those days. After that, the same technique was used on different fabrics like silk, cotton, khadi, etc.

With the advancement of technology, techniques of fabric printing also changed to digital printing, which is one of the most common printing methods today. Digital printing technique is done using digital sources such as a computer. Most of the fabrics available at any of the stores of the digital print fabric retailers are digitally printed now.

The traditional printing presses differ from the digital printing presses in several ways. Digital printing presses print varieties of surfaces without using any printing plates. Digital printing is faster and is a more cost-effective method of printing. Most of the consumer printers are the digital printers now. The most common digital printing techniques are laser and inkjet. When using toner or ink for printing the fabrics, the medium does not penetrate just like the traditional inks do. And instead of this, it sits on the fabric surface that causes the toner or the ink to get heated or cured to stay on the surface.

The inkjet printers create the digital images by shooting ink drops onto varieties of fabrics. These types of printers may vary from the small consumer models to the big-size professional models. Some of the big format printers are developed for using dye and pigment inks on fabrics. This lets the printers to recreate the artworks with perfection and accuracy.

A laser printer is another commonly used printer. This type of printing machine makes the use of a laser for projecting an image onto the electronically charged drum of the printing machine. The charge is removed from the areas that are hit by the light, with photo conductivity. Toner or the dry ink particles are pulled to the charged areas. The drum puts the image to the printing surface using heat so that the ink is infused into it. These digital printers can print on almost all fabric types, using the laser for exposing the image on the surface of the fabric.

The most important advantage of digital fabric printing over the traditional technique is its simplicity and its cost-effectiveness.

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