Five Tips To Remember For Sewing With Satin Fabric

Satin Fabric

Nothing the best the smoothness and plush nature of satin fabric. Whatever you have thought of making the luxurious fabric into, but prior to getting down into sewing it, there are a couple of things to keep in mind to work with satin in the right manner. Sewing it right is as important as buying the best quality of this fabric from a reputed Satin Fabric Wholesaler.  

Check these five tips to stitch up the appropriate project using satin.

  • Cut a single layer at a time: – No matter what type of fiber is used for creating the fabric, every satin variety tends to have at least one common property that is all are slippery. Do not ever try to cur more than a single layer at a time. Instead of it, make the use of the non-slippery cutting mat on the cutting table and then lay out the material in one layer. Just be sure to roll up or fold up the extra material so that the cutting table supports the fabric. Draping this extra part over the table’s side can make it slide the work on the floor.

  • Make sure you are using the right sized needle and thread: – The right size of needle and thread can help you to sew the fabric in the right way. Try to avoid the heavy-duty and large needles that piece big holes in the material. The lightweight threads are equally important. The heavier threads end up with bulky, and puckered seams.

  • Smooth out the rough surfaces: – Do not forget to check the sewing and the cutting tables if there are any rough edges that can pose hazards. Even rough nails can snag the material. Check all these little things for bring out the perfect project out of the fabric.

  • Do not press with steam: – If you press the seam with a good amount of steam then you are adding risk of getting water spots on the material. Moreover, more amount of steam while ironing the fabric can also alter the luster the texture, sheen, and quality of the fabric.

  • Invest in good quality pins: – Pinning satin is a bit tricky. The fabric is a bit slippery and extremely smooth. Trying to use the regular pins can bring the added risk of snagging the material with blunt pins. So, instead of these types of pins, go for the finer quality dressmaking pins. These are longer than the regular pins, and are much sharper.

Until and unless you try out these tips while stitching your satin fabric, you won’t believe the difference it makes. Try it out after you have got your favorite satin fabric from Firefly, a trusted Fabric Wholesaler in Kolkata.

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