Follow These Tips to Take Care of Your Favorite Silk Fabrics

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Want to know how to take care of your favorite silk fabrics bought from the Silk Fabric Wholesalers? Here are the simplest and most effective tips for this.  

Silk fabric has always been the favorite choice for all women dues to its diversity in its types, colors, rich texture, and shine. Dues to these same reasons, the Silk Fabric Wholesalers have been found to sell more as compared to the other fabric wholesalers. Buying these fabrics, getting them stitched into your favorite style garments, wearing them, and then dumping them in your wardrobe is not all that these exotic fabrics needs. These luxurious fabrics need to be taken proper care of too.

Here are Some Simple Yet Effective Tips for their Maintenance. Have A Look at the Points Below:-

  • Silk Fabric Needs Delicate Washing:- Silk fabric tends to change color when not washed well. Strong and harsh detergents can leave your favorite silk garments faded. Nobody will want that for sure. Although this material can be washed in washing machines, textile experts have said that hand washing of silk garments is always the better option. Washing silk with hands can keep it as delicate as it is for a longer time. One thing that must be remembered even while washing silk with hands is that a mild detergent and fabric conditioner must be used.
  • Pressing Is not Required, But, If One Has to Then Press It in Low Heat:- Silk is a soft, flowing textured fabric that often lets one skip pressing it perfectly. But, in few cases, silk tends to appear with unwanted fold marks when not used and store for a long time span. Pressing or ironing silk in high heat can leave unattractive streaks or noticeable marks on the garments. To prevent that, press the silk apparels from inside out and set the temperature of the iron to the lowest.
  • Store Your Silk Attires in Dry, and Clean Place Using Breathable Cotton Bags and Non-Acidic Tissue Papers:- To avoid formation of moth larvae and moisture content on the silk fabric, ensure to store them in dry and clean places. If moisture gets accumulated in the silk, the material is going to turn yellowish and will tend to attract molds on it. To ensure to prevent this, one can wrap her silk dresses in non-acidic tissue papers and keep them inside the breathable cotton bags.

Silk has its own worth and history in the fashion world. Silk has been the most expensive and rich fabric that is still of high demand especially when it comes to special occasions and festivals. Its luxury and elegance are the symbols that still cling to its name after decades. It is quite evident even till today that many prominent personalities of the fashion world use silk as one of the most significant fashion pieces. Because of these reasons, most of the Fabric Wholesalers Kolkata incorporate the largest varieties of silk fabrics in their textile collection.

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