Get to Know Several Interesting Facts About Silk Fabric

Get to Know Several Interesting Facts About Silk Fabric

There are some fascinating facts about silk fabric. Explore the assortment of the popular Silk Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata to know more of its varieties.

Silk is known as the queen of all the fabrics available. The widest varieties are found in the Silk Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata. There are some interesting and enchanting facts about silk. According to the silk FAQs that are encountered from different people, some of the facts are listed out here in this fun silk tutorial. Go through it.

  • Sericulture or the process of silk making has been practiced for approximately five thousand years in China.
  • The silkworm is actually not a worm. It is the larva of a moth.
  • The diet of a silkworm solely consists of the mulberry leaves.
  • Silkworms are entirely dependent on the humans for their reproductions. It is native to the northern regions of China.
  • A female silkworm deposits almost four hundred eggs at a time. This means hundred moths will deposit around forty thousand eggs. Each egg is of the size of a pinhead.
  • The female silkworm dies within a couple of seconds after the eggs are deposited. The adults do not eat during this short time span of its mature existence.
  • The eggs grow to their maximum sizes at almost six weeks. The larvae are about ten thousand time heavier than when these are hatched.
  • One hectare of the mulberry trees are found to yield almost eleven tons of the leaves, thus, producing approximately four hundred and fifty pounds of cocoons but only about eighty-five pounds of raw silk.
  • A cocoon is made up of a single continuous raw silk thread that is around one kilometer long. Almost three thousand cocoons are needed for producing one kimono.
  • Depending on one kilometer per cocoon, ten unraveled cocoons can extend vertically to a great height.
  • The gleaming and the lustrous appearance of silk fabric come from the triangular prism-like structure of the fiber that allows the silk fabric to refract the incoming light at diverse angles.
  • Silk is a very fine fiber, around ten nanometers in diameter.
  • Silk is strong as steel in its tensile strength. This fabric is the strongest natural fabric known till date.
  • Silk fabric is much lower in density as compared to fabrics like cotton, nylon, or wool. The fabric is therefore extremely moisture absorbent and has the capability to absorb moisture without giving a damp feeling.
  • An extremely versatile fabric, silk can be used for various purposes, from sleepwear sets to the formal wears, from rugs to parachutes, from prosthetic arteries to the medical statures.
  • Silk fabric has a minimum percentage of worldwide textile fabric industry. Yet, the original trading worth of silk fabric and the products made from it is in million dollars as the price of one unit of raw silk is approximately 20 times than that of pure cotton. Purchase the finest silk fabrics designed differently from the reputed Silk Fabric Retailers in Kolkata.

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