Get to Know How to Wear these Stylish Cotton Dresses

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It has been found that printed and single colored cotton fabrics are the highest selling textiles amongst the collection of the Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata.

If there is any specific time of the year when cotton is loved and preferred the most then its summer and spring. Before the arrival of these seasons, the Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata sell maximum percentage of cotton fabric from their entire textile collection. Cotton’s timeless and crisp look and its breathability make the fabric the perfect fiber option for all styles of summer dresses, from the weekend outfits and festival attires to the office styles. Four cotton dress styles and the technique to wear them is discussed here to make this fabric even more popular.

Maxi Dresses for Both Play and Work:- Nothing can be easier to wear than a maxi dress. It is a single price of outfit, which looks as if a lot of effort needs to be given to put on it. Maxi dresses are perfect for almost all occasions, from work to wedding. If one is going to any dressier occasion, a more structured fit with a classier print like floral will surely be loved. For work, any looser silhouette paired up with structured blazer can give a fun, cool, and summer look. If the wearer is a seasoned expert in styling maxi dresses, then she needs to step out of her comfort zone and try out the newest trend. The cotton maxi dresses are in vogue this season and some are listed out below.

Off-Shoulder Cotton Dresses for Weekend Hangouts:- The off-shoulder style from the past few months has shown no signs of slowing down. This trendy look has proved to instantly add femininity to the attire. This cotton dress style is ideal for the summer months when everyone wants to stay cool. This is an easy-to-wear style that can be worn at workplace and even during Hangouts. The solid colored cotton fabrics are ideal for the formal styles and the printed ones are perfect to get a fun look. Into the more subtle look? Then blush pink can be the perfect choice for the outdoor formal events. For more fashion-forward yet laid-back look for the weekend festivals and the rooftop gatherings, it is best to go for the A-line or the fit-and-flare cotton off-shoulder dresses having classic embellishments like laces, stripes, etc.

Cotton Dresses are Both Classic and Trendy:- Speaking of cotton, is it known that the 70s-inspired cotton dresses are popular even now? There are several ways to rock the cotton dress look, as trendy cotton Kurtis can be layered with printed or solid colored jackets on top. The long-sleeve denim attires with button details, which exude vintage playfulness, are also in trend. Cotton is so versatile that the sky can be touched with its styles.

Style Shift Cotton Dresses for Work:- A little mod and classic, shift dresses are just great for work as they are not so much form-fitting and do really well when paired up with formal style jackets or blazers. For work, one can just go wrong with a classic black or white shift dress, but one is looking for the breezier look then cotton ones are the best picks. The looser silhouettes are now more into fashion and are more relaxing for the summer days.

Found the cotton dress styles interesting and easy-to-wear? Then opt for Cotton Fabric Wholesale Online shopping and get your favorite style dress stitched for your office and your casual occasions now to be in vogue without losing your comfort this season.

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