How Can You Use Lace Fabric for Creating Pretty Items?

Lace Wholesalers in Kolkata

Want to create some elegant and pretty dresses and home décor items using laces? Then come to Firefly, one of the most reputed Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata.

Some people make an assumption that most of the laces are manufactured in the form of thin strips to be used as the embellishing items or as the garment accentuator, but in reality, lace fabrics are also available in yards or meters now. This is a good option when you are planning create garments and other home decorative items like curtains and cushion covers and not just trimming or embellishing. Lace in the form of fabric and not in the form of strips can make it easier to work with by cutting it exactly in the way the designer wants. The widest varieties of laces are found at the best prices at stores of the Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata.

Lace is defined as an open fabric having a mesh background and a delicate pattern. The intricate patterns are created on laces using methods like braiding, looping, interlacing, and twisting of different yarns and threads. Lace is the perfect material for making the bridal and the evening gowns, tablecloths, bedding, curtains, etc. because of its feel, look, and its feminine properties.

While crafting these decorative items and dresses with lace fabric, you must be very careful especially when cutting it because it is much more delicate than even vinyl and polyester. Sewing lace fabric can also be a little trickier as compared to the other fabrics. Some people prefer to hand-sew lace to make sure that they are in control at the time of sewing. All you need to work with lace is more and more patience. If you are slow and steady, you can achieve the perfect pre-planned design. If you are planning to make a button or a hole, you need to be more careful. It may be a bit more time-consuming than the other stronger fabrics but believe it or not, the finished product always proves to be worth the extra effort of yours.

Lace is such a elegant and graceful fabric and brings the touch of femininity and romance to every project created with it, be it an outfit or any other decorative object. The ultimate look of the lacey stuff are just stunning. With so many designs and colors available in the stores of the Lace Wholesalers in Kolkata, there can be no limit to your artistic skills when you pick lace as the material to work with.

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