How to Take Proper Care of Your Favorite Velvet Garments?

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Even the finest quality velvet bought from the trusted Designer Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata needs proper care. Here are a few tips to maintain velvet.

Velvet is a very soft and luxurious fabric that is generally formed from silk besides other fibers like cotton, rayon, nylon, wool, and mohair. All these types of velvet are found at the stores of the Designer Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata. All these varieties of velvet needs special care so that they do not get crushed. Want to know a few maintenance tips? The most effective ones are here to make your favorite velvet garments look brand new.

  • Read out the manufacturer’s label to know the right process of cleaning that variety of velvet. Few varieties of velvet like the knit and fine velvet, should always be dry-cleaned. Other categories like crushed velvet can be washing in the washing machines using mild detergents. When confused, take your favorite velvet attires to the professional dry-cleaners. This will help in avoiding distortion of the clothes.
  • Use the steamer for removing mild creases. Turn the apparel inside-out and point the steamer’s nozzle at the folds and creases. One may also hang the garment in the steam-filled bathrooms. If the creases and folds are severe then one can just hold the spotted area over a pot of boiling water. Just be careful so that the garment does not get wet.
  • Never ever think of ironing velvet. The weight and heat of iron can crush the fabric and can leave an imprint. Ironing machines can also scorch the cloth.
  • It is always best to take the velvet items to a professional dry-cleaner. Sometimes, velvet dresses are found to have got some stubborn folds, creases, and stains. The dry-cleaners only have the special solutions for lifting up the velvet pile again.
  • Store the velvet garments very carefully but never fold them. Creases and folds can flatten the pile and can be difficult to remove sometimes. It is better to store the velvet clothes in a horizontal position in the wardrobe, using the shelving system. One can also store these in large clothing boxes or can also cover the velvet garments with tissue papers or put tissue papers in between the folds of the clothes so that the clothes keep their shapes.
  • Avoid the other actions, which can flatten the textile. For instance, if any drink spills on your favorite velvet dress, never blot the spot. Blotting wet velvet can press down the pile and damage the fabric. So, instead, shake off the moisture content from the fabric as much as possible and then allow it to dry.

One can read out the caring tips in the internet or can also ask the most reputed Velvet Wholesalers in Kolkata at the time of buying the fabric. They not only sell fabrics but know everything about the textiles including the maintenance tips.

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