Tips for Innovative Ways to Reuse Linen Fabric

Linen Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata

Linens are the most preferred and loved summer fabric. From shirts to kurtis to sarees – it is linen all the way. This is the time when most Linen Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata do a bustling business. Since Kolkata remains hot and humid for most part of the year, there is always a good demand for linen fabric.

One of the oldest fabric that we know about is linen. It dates back to as far as 6000 BC and people in Mesopotamia used it generally.

There are many reasons why linen is so popular:

– Linen is such a fabric which is breathable. People who wear linen feel comfortable while wearing linen. Linen has a weave which makes it airy.

Linen has sweat absorbent properties. Since linen absorbs sweat, the body becomes cooler. For places like Kolkata this is indeed a very comfortable fabric.

Since it is the age of reuse and recycle, there are different innovative ways by which you can reuse it. Here are some ways:

– The soft texture of linens makes it very easy and comfortable as a wear. Other than this, it is a natural fabric and hence biodegradable

Uses Of Linen :

1) Linen Bag: If there is a thick linen bed-sheet which you don’t use any more, you can transform it into bags. Other than that, Patchworks on it would make it look cool.

2) Cushion covers: A linen saree which is not in use anymore can be transformed into cushion covers.If it is of a mono colour, then a bit of fabric painting wouldn’t look bad. You can add little details to make i t look beautiful.

3) Table-top covers: Linen bedsheets and sarees can be transformed into beautiful table covers. If the fabric is plain, then the edges can be stitched and lace can be attached to the four edges. Little hand embroidered flowers would look very beautiful and elegant.

4) Wall Pocket Holder: You can use old Linen shirts to create some innovative pieces. A square portion from the back of the shirt can be cut out neatly. The piece may be pasted on a piece of cardboard. Now the pocket of the shirt may be detached and made to stick over this piece so that it becomes a pocket holder. Other than this

The button of the shirt may be used to form design over this. A small strip of cloth may be attached so that this can be hung on the wall. Important bills, matchboxes, pens, safety pins, clips – a variety of knick-knacks may be kept inside this.

Conclusion :

These are different little ways by which you can reuse linen to make innovative items. If any fabric manufacturer has spare linen of sizes which they cannot sell anymore, they can creatively craft into many innovative ways. The more we reuse things, the less we have wastage in this world – which is very good for us and Mother Earth.

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