Polyester Or Silk Wedding Outfit. Which one will you Choose?

Designer Fabric Wholesalers

You can find so many different types of gorgeous fabrics at the stores of the designer fabric wholesalers in Kolkata. But, which one to choose is a tough job.

One of the common questions most of the dressmakers or designers are asked is “Is it worth to pay little more for the silk fabrics or something else like polyester? What is the difference? Questions like are also asked to the representatives of the stores of the designer fabric wholesalers in Kolkata. Polyester is the man-made synthetic fabric and is broadly available in different textures and weaves. On the other hand, silk is a purely natural fiber derived from silkworms through the refining process known as the ‘sericulture’.


  • Pros: – Cotton-polyester blends popularly known as the poly-cotton is a strong, tear-resistant, wrinkle-resistant fabric. This material is also incredibly affordable and is available in a broad range of varieties.
  • Cons: – Being one of the synthetic fibers, polyester is truly non-breathable. This means it can wrap the moisture and heat within its layers and remains stuck to the skin. It is less fire-resistant and can melt the human skin if it is ignited. This material creates flash-back while taking flash photographs and looks a bit bluish sometimes. This is mostly noticed if the color of the dress is white. So, think twice before purchasing it for your wedding dress.


  • Pros: – The breathability of silk makes it one of the most comfortable fabrics to drape even in the warm climatic conditions. The low conductivity of this fabric helps to keep the warm air closer to the wearer’s skin in the colder months. Silk also has the plus point of absorbing the light rather than reflecting it. This means no bluish flash-back will be there in your wedding photographs. Being a popular natural fiber, silk can prove to be a hit fabric for the Indian brides as it is non-irritant as well.
  • Cons: – The manufacturing process of silk is reflected in the elevated price of silk fabrics available in the stores of the popular Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata. For manufacturing silk, wild silkworms are preferred more as the pupa is found to have already emerged from cocoon leaving it ready to get spun into long thread-like structures of silk. Silk wedding dresses are always suggested to be dry-cleaned.

So, got your confusion cleared? Have you decided which one you are going to pick for your wedding outfit? You can go for silk always but just think about your budget too. Silk is obviously the symbol of royalty, luxury, and richness. But if your budget is not permitting you then you can go for the other good options like polyester, lacey fabrics, or any other suitable fabric. No matter which is the fabric, if your dress is custom-made and fits your right then you are surely going to look just amazing on your wedding day.

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