Revamp Your Fashion Closet with Ikat Printed Dresses

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Ikat prints have always been loved by women of all ages. Ikat printed fabrics are sold much more than the other fabrics by the fabric retailers in Kolkata.

Ikat printing was introduced in the ancient days. It is created on fabrics and is predominantly prevalent in the South Asian regions. After a couple of years, ikat prints were brought to a much broader acquaintance. And now most of the fabric retailers in Kolkata are found to include more varieties of ikat prints as compared to the other printed textiles.

Admired for the beauty, ikat prints till date are holding a firm dominance in the world of fashion. While garnering love all over the globe, the distinctness of this craft resides in its production process. In contrast to the typically printed textiles, ikat is found to have a relatively different production technique. While generally, prints and patterns are created after the textiles are dyed but in case of the ikat prints, all the yarns are bundled up and dyed and then weaved in the pre-determined patterns. Before the dyeing step, the part of the cloth that is not to be dyed is coated with the wax. The yarns are pre-dyed and that’s why obtaining symmetry during the weaving process becomes a challenge.

Ikat Sarees – Created with the threads of Indian Heritage and Culture:-

Patterns in different shades all over the sarees give the attires a blend of class and elegance. The colorful ikat patterns on parts of sarees help in looking simple yet graceful and charming.

This Summer, Cool Up your Look with Ikat Jumpsuits:-

Whether you are planning to go to a party or go out for a casual dayout, jumpsuits made out of ikat printed fabrics can be the ideal match for every occasion. The blurry ikat patterns in bold tones can be paired up with a pair of sneakers or loafers. Go a little jazzy and carry a tan sling bag with you.

Opt for the Ikat Palazzos to Funk Up your Summer Style:-

Beat the summer heat with classic ikat printed palazzos and complement them with solid colored spaghetti tops. Something like a neckpiece can jazz up your wrist and complete the look.

Do you feel apprehensive about being overdressed up? If your answer is ‘yes’ then ikat dresses can be your savior. The ikat flairs are sure to give you a modish look everywhere, be it a casual hangout or a party. You can either choose to buy the readymade ikat printed outfits or else you can also choose the best fabrics from the printed fabric retailers in Kolkata and get the outfits stitched out of them to get the perfect fit. The choice is all yours.

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