Some Common Queries Answered About Embroidered Laces

Embroidered Laces

Embroidered laces obtained from embroidery lace manufacturers may enhance the look of a garment. Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about laces.

Embroidery is such an art form that can highlight and uplift any kind of fabrics and dresses. There can be an umpteen variety of embroidered laces that are available and can be purchased as per the fabric. There are excellent embroidery fabric wholesalers who have a wide variety of collection of embroidered laces that can be purchased to enhance the look of dresses, salwars and sarees.

What is the difference between lace and embroidered lace?

Lace is self-woven where the weaving itself creates a beautiful pattern of threads to form the texture of the lace. Embroidered laces are where embroidery is done on fabric strip rolls or laces. Here the thread work is done on the roll. It may additionally be complemented with embellishments.

What makes embroidered laces so popular?

There are many reasons for this:

  • It can be used to enhance and uplift the look of a simple fabric. This is especially true for mono-coloured fabrics where just the use of embroidered laces can give it a party look.
  • Embroidered laces can be used for a wide variety of clothing like Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Dresses. All it requires is the choice of right type of embroidered laces for the particular type of clothing.
  • Unlike embroidered fabrics as a whole, embroidered laces do not add an extraordinary weight to the garment and yet can be used creatively to make the garment look exquisitely beautiful.

Why is it important to purchase embroidered laces from reliable sources?

It is always advisable to purchase embroidered laces from Embroidery Lace Manufacturers because of the following reasons:

  • It would mean an assurance of quality. A good quality manufacturer or retailer would always have quality certifications. And assured quality would always mean a long-lasting product.
  • A large variety and range is available for one to choose from
  • Coming from a reputable brand there are less chances that the threads of embroidery would let off colour when washed or the thread of embroidery would get spoilt. So, cleaning and maintenance becomes easier.
  • Prices are always in the moderate range. Also, there are different price ranges which are offered. What are the things to be kept in mind in case of embroidered laces?

Here are certain points which needs to be kept in mind in case of embroidered laces:

  • Since these laces are stitched externally to the fabric of the garment, it needs to be kept in mind that the embroidered lace is firmly attached to the fabric and well-stitched so that it does not come off over use.
  • Embroidered Laces often use coloured threads. So , it is always good to wash a small portion first to ensure that there is no wearing off of the colour. Once assured, the rest of the fabric or garment may be washed. This is for first wash only.
  • Embroidered threads would retain their colour and sheen for a long time if harsh detergents are not used for washing. Similarly direct application of iron may cause damage. It is therefore advisable to follow instructions.
  • Friction may cause damage to the embroidered work, so while keeping it in the cupboard, it is better not to keep it piled atop each other and hung instead.

These are certain commonly asked questions and their solutions regarding embroidered laces.

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