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Knowing more about Lycra – the popular, new-age fabric

Lycra is the new age fabric that is available with Lycra Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata at reasonable cost. Here’s a write-up on lycra as a new-age fabric.

Lycra is also called Spandex and is a synthetic fibre which is a polyetherpolyurea copolymer. Lycra was invented by a chemist named Joseph Shivers at DuPont laboratory. It is also called elastane or Spandex. Observed carefully it can be seen that Spandex is actually anagram of expands? It was named so because of high elasticity of the fiber. It is more popularly known as Lycra though Lycra is the brand name of Spandex of DuPont company. It is commonly called Elastane or near about forms of the name in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, etc. In UK, Ireland, Australia, Portugal, New Zealand it is called Lycra. In India also it is called Lycra. Lycra is a new age fabric and used both by the fashion industry and sportswear industry. Due to its high demand and emerging popularity, there are many Lycra Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata, which store high grade Lycra fabric today. Lycra is in demand today in the sports industry as a sportswear. Continue reading Knowing more about Lycra – the popular, new-age fabric