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The Ever-growing Popularity of the Versatile Velvet

There is always a growing demand for velvet among velvet Wholesalers in Kolkata as it is a much loved fabric. Here is a write up on the versatile fabric.

Velvet is a royal fabric. No other fabric gives as much of a royal look as velvet. It also has a very soft texture which makes it very desirable. And it is not just in terms of dress materials.

If you want to add regal touch to the living room get some velvet fabric from Velvet Wholesalers in Kolkata and convert those into cushion covers. Keep the cushions on the sofa and the living room would get a totally different look. If you wish to change the look of a salwar kameez which looks boring, add some velvet patch-work or better still, make a half sleeved jacket with velvet and pair it with the salwar kameez. Anything made of velvet looks elegant and enhances the entire look. Continue reading The Ever-growing Popularity of the Versatile Velvet

Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Velvet Clothing

Velvet is a soft fabric used not only for clothing but also for different other household items. Explore the range of the Velvet Wholesalers in Kolkata.

Velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics especially the crushed velvets having decorative trim. Several types of outfits are made up of velvet including dresses, pants, gowns, jackets, capes, etc. Velvets are also used for making different household items like furniture covers, drapes, etc. One can get the widest varieties of fabrics at the stores of the Velvet Wholesalers in Kolkata. Luxurious, soft, and exuding quality, velvet is undeniably classy and increasingly popular in terms of fashion and interiors. This soft textured textile is going through a style renaissance. Whether one is looking for interiors or fashion, this transformative cloth looks great in exotic textures and rich tones. Woven on a high-quality loom, the textile creates a petite dense stack that contributes to the distinctive look and feel of velvet.

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