Tips to Take Proper Care of Your Velvet Clothing

Velvet is a soft fabric used not only for clothing but also for different other household items. Explore the range of the Velvet Wholesalers in Kolkata.

Velvet is one of the most luxurious fabrics especially the crushed velvets having decorative trim. Several types of outfits are made up of velvet including dresses, pants, gowns, jackets, capes, etc. Velvets are also used for making different household items like furniture covers, drapes, etc. One can get the widest varieties of fabrics at the stores of the Velvet Wholesalers in Kolkata. Luxurious, soft, and exuding quality, velvet is undeniably classy and increasingly popular in terms of fashion and interiors. This soft textured textile is going through a style renaissance. Whether one is looking for interiors or fashion, this transformative cloth looks great in exotic textures and rich tones. Woven on a high-quality loom, the textile creates a petite dense stack that contributes to the distinctive look and feel of velvet.

What Type of Problems Can Be Experienced when Using Velvets?

With velvet, variety of problems can be experienced, including loss of stack, piling and tufting, flattening and matting, and shrinkage. The crushed velvets are found to have a tendency of experiencing a distortion in design from wear alone. The velvet types that are made up of acetate pose exceptional problems; the pile can permanently become flattened with heat, pressure, and moisture. As a result of this, the stack on an acetate velvet outfit is more likely to flaunt the effects of wear. Even larger flattening develops if the type of velvet is brushed and if any pressure is applied on it when it is wet.

Weekly Care:- When using any variety of velvet, one will see the movement as well as wear of pile because of the delicate weave. Folding velvet is often found to lead to wrinkling that can be removed with care and patience. Prolonged use without proper and regular care may continue to crush the fabric and mute the natural sheen of it. Gently brush or vacuum once in a week to reverse wear and to maintain the textured stack.

Stains and Spills:- Due to the delicate texture of this fabric, dry cleaning is recommended for the big stains and spills. Look for a good dry cleaner with a good knowledge of this textile to make sure that the material is returned in the best condition. Liquid and water can stain velvet fabrics easily and one needs to deal with it as soon as possible. Once the surface of the fabric has been blotted, use the hairdryer at a safe distance for lightly drying the affected area in order to avoid marking. Finish the process by brushing the stack in order to avoid matting.

Revitalization:- The maintenance of this luxurious fabric can be off-putting but this should not be. Regular maintenance and care will keep the fabric look good and new and will help in enhancing its unique and smooth look. If your velvets have lost their sheen then try to use a steamer on the reverse for fluffing-up the fibers. When the fabrics are brushed, make sure to follow the same direction for keeping the stack look uniform and even. Get any variety of velvet fabric from the Fabric Wholesalers in Kolkata at the lowest prices.

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