Uses and Properties of Velvet, the Most Luxurious Fabric

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Want to know more about the varieties of velvet fabrics that are available at the stores of the Fabric Retailers in Kolkata? If, yes, then continue reading.

Velvet is considered to be one of the softest and smoothest fabrics amidst all the other types of fabrics available in the stores of the Velvet Retailers in Kolkata. You can buy and use this fabric for making different types of stylish outfits like trousers, gowns, etc. You can also use velvet for making bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains, etc. It is truly glossy, and glazy. Velvet, dues to its royal look and its price viability, is the most preferred clothing material in the market.

The finest quality velvet needs just a nominal maintenance and is easy-to-wash and dry. The best quality is stronger and more elastic as compared to the cheaper varieties available in many local clothing stores. Another reason that made velvet so popular today is its different variants. It is the most-loved fabric today. Velvet is heavy and more durable. The lustrous sheen of the textile makes it the best choice for making the wedding dresses. Be it the wedding lehengas or the bridal gowns, velvet comes first of all the other options available in the stores of the Fabric Retailers in Kolkata.

  • Silk velvet is almost fluid and has a gleaming surface. It is softer and a more flexible drape.
  • Synthetic velvet is made from rayon or acetate. Shimmery just like the silk velvet but not so fluid and natural.

In a single sentence, velvet can be described as a fabric that is heavy, luxurious, soft, elegant, warm, comfortable, and structured.  All the varieties of velvet can be dyed with darker colors. The deep shades are preferred more as these bold hues help in highlighting the rich stack of the fabric. Most of the times, silk or rayon blend velvets are used for the flowing dresses and the evening wears that emphasize the soft drape.

Meanwhile, the synthetic variety is completely made out of rayon or acetate and is less expensive than silk velvet. This variety is chosen by most of the people for making soft garments as it is a cheaper alternative.  For the decorative purpose, cotton velvet is mostly chosen. Blazers, skirts, and vests are also made mostly from cotton velvet. This variety is ideal for the home furnishings because it is much more durable than the other two options. Upholstery, sumptuous bed coverings, cushions and draperies can be made from this particular variety of velvet.

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