What are the Properties and Uses of Jute Fabrics?

Jute Fabric Retailers

The jute fabrics available in the stores of the jute fabric retailers in Kolkata have unique properties, and multiple uses. This blog is all about it.

Jute fiber has many unique properties such as its bulkiness, high-tenacity, heat and sound insulation feature, its anti-static property, and thermal conductivity. Due to all these properties, jute is ideal not only for making different home decor items but also for making different types of clothes. The image of jute as an unattractive and a hard fiber does not exist anymore as it is available in the stores of the jute fabric retailers in Kolkata in different varieties including the embroidered and printed one. Now, who would have thought of doing embroidery works and prints on fabrics like jute? It’s all because of the imaginations and the skills of the designers.

Jute is hundred percent bio-degradable and Eco-friendly. It is now available at quite reasonable prices. It is not anymore a major fiber but also one of the most popular raw materials for making different non-textile items that helps to protect the environment. Jute fiber is quite strong, and coarse. The uses of this fiber was originally confined to the growers and the manufacturers only, but today, it is also used in many industries as the raw material for making different kinds of home decor products too. Today, jute is also considered as one of the most preferred packaging materials in the fashion world. Jute is now used for making gunny cloth, mats, hangings, cordage, etc. The use of jute in making the handicraft stuffs have made these even more appealing and preferred choice.

Applications and Uses of Jute:-

The finest quality of jute are used for making home furnishing items like curtains and can also be blended with other fine fabrics like wool, etc for making the other similar items. Check out the list of its application and uses.

  • Making sacks, bags, wrapping materials, etc
  • Making cable filler
  • For making ropes
  • Camp beds
  • Handbags
  • In making mattress
  • Jute sofas

Besides these few, there are many more items that are made from jute. You cannot just imagine how long is the application list of jute. And because of this reason, the fabric retailers have started making the maximum profit by selling jute. Another fabric that has also captured a prominent place in the fashion market today is lace. You can also check out the collection of pretty laces at the stores of the lace retailers in Kolkata for embellishing or beautifying different home decor items and garments.

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