Which are the Indian States where Block Printing is practiced?

Which are the Indian states where block printing is practiced

Many states in India have started practicing block printing technique. But, the fabric retailers in Kolkata are found to sell block print fabrics the most.

Block printing fabrics look quite interesting. Isn’t it? Want to more about it? Come let’s explore more.

Hand block printing is a fabric dying and coloring process using wooden blocks having designs carved on them. The craftsmen use these blocks for creating the beautiful and intricate designs. India is considered to be the largest exporters and manufacturers of this type of printed fabrics and among the other states, the maximum percentage of profit is made by the fabric retailers in Kolkata by selling block printed fabrics.

Some of the Centers in India where Block Printing Is Practiced are Listed out Here:-

  • Gujarat:- This art form has been practiced since a long time by the Paithapur families in Gujarat. Intricate blocks are made and the fabrics are printed using these. Mainly, the mud resist-printing process is followed here. These types of prints are known as the Sodagiri prints. In regions of Kutch, the popular designs are in black and red and the prints are mainly of birds, dancing girls, and animals. The other famous centers in Gujarat for the same printing technique are Rajkot, Jetpur, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, and Vasna.
  • Rajasthan:- Here, block printing designs mainly include birds, human figures animals, gods, and goddesses. The prime centers for block printing in Rajasthan are bagru, Jaipur, Pali, Barmer, and Sanganer. Sanganer is popular for the Calico printed bed and pillow covers, quilts, and the sarees. Sanganer is also popular for Doo Rookhi printing technique. Bagru is known for its Dabu prints and Syahi-Begar prints. And, Barmer is popular all over the country for the prints of red-chilies and flower-laden trees. Shekhawat and Sikar prints are also famous here.
  • Punjab:- The block printing designs of Punjab include the geometrical and the floral prints. In Punjab, chemical dyes have replaced the vegetable dyes. The shades used in block printing here are lighter and are generally the pastel shades. The common motifs used are of peacocks, mangoes, and nets.
  • West Bengal:- Here, this art form is practiced since the beginning of the twentieth century. Varieties of traditional designs are created on the finest quality fabrics. Serampur is the main center of block printing of fabrics in this state. It is famous for its vibrant and bold patterns. The printed fabric retailers in Kolkata have said that they sell bock print fabrics much more as compared to the other printed fabrics.

Other than these states, there are a few more regions in India that are popular for their block print fabrics. Some of the states are Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra.

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