Why Embroidery Fabrics Designers Need to Stock from Wholesalers

Embroidery Fabrics

Fashion designing needs good fabrics like embroidered ones from embroidery fabric wholesalers who are reliable. Here are varieties of fabrics you need to stock.

If you are a newbie fashion designer and just venturing to set up your own fashion venture in the field of garments, it has a great possibility. The fashion industry in India is at it’s peak now and newcomers are also making their mark in this field.

Here are tips on the type of fabrics you can think of stocking from fabric wholesalers – especially embroidery fabric wholesalers for creating a fashion impact:-

1) Basic Fabrics in Solid Colours:-

Solid Colours form an important part of every fashion industry. Hence, from cotton to silk, from georgette to jute – it is always desirable to have fabrics in solid colours. These work well for tops, kameez, kurtis, dresses, etc.

2) Basic Fabrics in Printed Variants :-

Prints are an in thing now. So, ensure that you have an adequate stock of printed fabric of different varieties, inclusive of cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, etc. From tiny prints to prints in ethnic styles – it is important o have different types of printed fabrics.

3) Different types of Fabrics:-

Fabrics which are off-beat like nets or velvet are always an added attraction and required quite often in fashion industries. From Lehengas to sarees, net fabric is high in demand today. You can get fascinating net fabrics from net fabric wholesalers, which you can combine with other fabrics to create magic. Other type of fabrics like Velvet, Jute, etc are used too in fashion industry. So, these fabrics too must find a space.

4) Embroidered Fabrics:-

One of the high points of designer dresses are embroidered garments and for that embroidered fabrics are very important. For this it is very important to procure good quality embroidered fabric from reputable embroidery fabric retailers which can guarantee excellent quality.

5) Borders and Laces:-

Borders and Laces enhance the look of any ordinary fabric. So, if you feel you need to make any garment special, just add on some exquisite borders and laces and see the magic happen! For this, it is important to keep a stock of excellent borders and laces of different varieties as well.

There are two things which make a fashion designer successful – skills in garment crafting and good quality fabric. For good quality fabric you need to rely on good fabric wholesalers like Firefly which is a leader fabric wholesaler. Once these two things are ensured, there is no looking back!

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